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Welcome to Strength & Health Gym. This gym has a long history behind it and is one of the last serious, gritty, old school, no frills gyms left in the country! When I bought the gym in May of 2012’ it was on the verge of going away forever. This would have been a sad loss to the many longtime faithful members and former patrons who got their start training here. I am thrilled and honored to have been here at the right time to play my part in keeping the Strength & Health tradition alive! My commitment is to constantly improve the facility while maintaining the same friendly atmosphere, focused on getting the best ever workouts and great results. Moving forward, my goal is to put Strength & Health Gym on the map to be recognized as one of the best little inner-city gyms in the country. I am always willing to answer questions and help you design a workout or nutritional plan. Thank you for making Strength & Health your own personal gym.
Mark Pacheco / Owner Operator


Mark Pacheco

  • Lifetime Bodybuilding Enthusiast
  • Owner: Strength & Health Gym Bakersfield
  • Winner of Numerous Bodybuilding Titles
  • Author: ‘The Negative Feedback Training System’
  • Promoter: NGA ‘Natural Mr. / Ms. Western America’


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