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Most people who are new to the fitness lifestyle have a lot of misconceptions and misunderstandings when it comes to building muscle with weight training. The benefits of gaining lean muscle with resistance training are numerous and far reaching. Most people today suffer from a serious deficit of physical activity. As a result, loss of muscle tone and mass are accelerated early in life. Weight training is the great equalizer in that it will help maintain and even build lean muscle tissue even as we advance in age. Building muscle is the key to feeling healthy, capable, and able as we grow older.

The following is just one example shows the value and importance of weight training and increasing muscle mass. I have a client in her mid-thirties who has a severely handicapped 16 year-old daughter. It was becoming increasingly difficult for her to move her daughter while taking care of her daily needs. My client stands only 5’1” and her daughter is already 5’9” and weighs over 175 Lbs. Every day was a struggle and the physical requirements were exhausting her. She didn’t know it yet, but weight training was the solution to helping her out.

After a few months of supervised weight and weight training at our facility, mom commented that she was stunned that she is now able to move her daughter with ease! Her every day life had improved dramatically in more ways than she initially thought it could. Her ability to take care of her family was improved because her health and her strength were improved. weight training is the answer to many fitness issues.

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Weight Training is the Key to Success

In the story above, it is shown that weight training provided a mother with the ability to care for and assist her handicapped daughter. This isn’t where we draw the line though. People that have more muscle are often less prone to injury from short falls and bumps. Muscle can take the impact a lot better than fat can or having no muscle or fat. Muscle is the key ingredient to feeling healthy and good as we age and get older. Muscle is also the key ingredient to losing fat and looking good. Weight training will help you build the muscle you are looking to build. Weight training will literally help you be the best you possible. Find out more about how Muscles Unlimited located in Strength and Health Gym in Bakersfield can help you to build muscle and start feeling better than you already do with a proper strength training fitness plan.

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We know that you are different and so is everyone else that walks in our door. You are going to be in a different place than the next person. You are going to have different levels of muscle, fat and previous training. We understand this and want to make it clear that we work with people as individuals. We know and understand that everyone is different and everyone requires a different level of training to get started. We will provide the right level of training for your current lifestyle and help you progress and grow from there. Give us a call and find out how we can help you get started today. 661.327.2582

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