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Weight Loss is NOT the ONLY Goal

Most people think of losing body fat only in terms of losing weight. What really happens more accurately is that when a person engages in a weight training program and follows a healthy eating lifestyle; they typically lose body fat and gain muscle at the same time. As muscle mass increases so does the metabolic rate making the body more efficient at burning fat. Since fat does not like to be in the presence of muscle, it becomes therefore ‘mobilized’ in the sense that it becomes over ridden by the quality, high maintenance, expensive tissue called lean muscle. You will be in effect ‘building muscle and starving the fat’. We understand how the body works and what needs to be done to help you effectively lose the weight you are looking to lose. Just keep in mind, that losing weight shouldn’t be the only goal here. The real goal that we believe everyone in this category is striving for, is to lose the fat. We can certainly help you lose the fat. Just give us a chance with our weight loss technique and we will dedicate ourselves to helping you accomplish your goals and look and feel the way you want.

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Dieting for Weight Loss

Diets don’t work; at least not for very long anyway. Anyone can lose weight; the objective then should be to look and be fit and healthy in the process and stay that way permanently. The only way to get lean and stay lean is not by dieting, but to instead to exercise and make a few slight changes in the diet by eating cleaner and healthier. The ultimate goal is to of course improve the diet, but not straying so far that it isn’t something you can keep up with over your entire lifetime. The goal is to modify the diet to help get rid of the junk and then work in some exercise and build some muscle to help take care of the rest. With the proper amount of exercise and a few minor changes to your diet, there is a good chance you will see some major improvements in the way you look and feel. A diet alone is not the answer to losing weight and feeling good about yourself. Diets end and then so does the temporary weight loss you experienced. If you simply eat a little cleaner and incorporate exercise, you can maintain your great looks and the healthy feeling for as long as you want over the course of your entire lifetime. We can help with weight loss and muscle gain. Let us help you with your weight loss journey.

Resistance Training is the Key to Weight Loss

As we mentioned before, we understand what it takes to look and feel good. It’s not just the diet and its not entirely simple exercise either. Both of course will certainly be better than nothing at all, however we know what it takes to accomplish these goals in the most efficient and quickest way possible. The answer is resistance training. We know that the key to losing fat and feeling better is building muscle. This is why we strive to make sure that we help you build muscle in the most efficient way possible. Without enough muscle, the weight loss or fat burning process is much slower. Once you build a good solid baseline for muscle, the weight loss is quicker and easier every single time. We know that everyone is different and because of this, we create a program that is unique to the individual. We will help create a resistance training program specifically for you to assist with building muscles and losing fat.

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