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At Muscles Unlimited our goal is to help our clients reach new heights in the muscle growth and physical development of their body. As professional personal trainers our objective is to give each client our very best in terms of using our skills and experience to help them reach their individual goals with muscle growth. We strive to make sure that each and every client that walks through the door is treated as an individual who has specific muscle growth goals and needs. We want to make sure that each client knows that there isn’t one size fits all approach. As a professional personal trainer, if you believe in these same philosophies then we are looking for you to join our team! The Muscles Unlimited team is compromised of people that share these thoughts when it comes to muscle growth. We employ these ideas in everything we do with our clients and we are looking for people who share our core beliefs to be a part of our growing team. If you have a passion for muscle growth and helping people to achieve their own personal strength goals, then give us a call to learn more about how we can partner up. Find out how you can help others with muscle growth at Strength and Health Gym in Bakersfield.

Clean Facility for Maximum Muscle Growth

At Muscles Unlimited we believe that it is important to have the right tools to do the job in the most efficient way possible. We have spent years developing these tools. We have spent years crafting the perfect equipment to help muscle growth and potential. Our collection of workout equipment and machines is well rounded and fully capable. We have everything from dumbbells to free weights to specific muscle target machines. Our facility is clean and functional. We have what you need to help boost your business to the next level. We create an environment that allows your client to feel comfortable and confident that the right equipment is not only available but also functional and clean. We want the experience of every client to be exemplary. We want to make sure you have the most potential to progress forward and make the most of your personal fitness plans for your own clients. To learn more about the equipment that we offer, give us a call and introduce yourself. We look forward to meeting new people. 661.327.2582 – Take muscle growth to the next level with Strength and Health Gym in Bakersfield. We take muscle growth seriously!

Muscle Growth is Key

Personal Fitness Plans and Muscle Growth

Have you ever worked for one of the big-name gyms as a personal trainer? If so, then you are probably well aware of the way the larger corporate gyms try to control everything. They apply rigid rules that govern you to the point that you absolutely have no way of employing any personal creativity or style when it comes to helping muscle growth. We feel it is important that everyone be able to bring their own personal touches to how they provide personal training. We know that there is not any single one right answer. There are many wrong answers, but there is also more than one right way to provide training. Everybody learns from everybody, and it is important to be able to employ your own sense of creativity and individualism in how you train your clients. Big corporate entities burden you in a way that doesn’t always allow you to offer the services you want to offer in a way that is best for your client. Muscles Unlimited at Strength and Health Gym allows you to have the freedom and flexibility to serve your clients in way that benefits them most. Find out more how we can partner up and help you provide professional personal training services the way you want. 661.327.2582 Muscle growth is important to our cause. Find out how you can join our team and help your clients with muscle growth today.