Looking for a Personal Trainer Like You

Are you looking for a place to train your clients? If you are a personal trainer and currently have your own clients that you would like to train, but don’t have your own facility, you should really give Muscles Unlimited a call. We are looking for a personal trainer just like you! We have the perfect facility for training your own clients. The process is simple, and best of all, we are super affordable. We offer simple flat rate fees so that you can provide your own personal trainer services and make a living at the same time. We understand that there are a lot of fully qualified personal trainers out there that do a spectacular job, but simply don’t have a facility of their own to provide those services. We are looking for personal trainers that fit this description. Or maybe, you are an awesome personal trainer working at another gym where the rates are too high or fluctuate with volume making it difficult to ever get ahead. We can help with this situation. Stop by Strength and Health gym and find out how you can offer your personal trainer services here.

Personal Trainer Services in Bakersfield

Actively Seeking Personal Trainers that Want Success

We have a gym facility that might be perfect for your current situation. If you are a personal trainer that is looking to enhance their business and move to the next level, but don’t really want to make the financial commitment of opening a new gym, give us a call. At Muscles Unlimited, our goal is to help you move your business to the next level offering you the ability for improved financial success. We offer a low rate flat fee monthly usage rent. This fee is not based on how many clients you have, and it does not go up with the more clients you decide to train. We try to make it easy for you to be financially successful. Give us a call today to find out how you can partner up with Muscles Unlimited to push your business to the next level. 661.327.2582 We are looking for a personal trainer just like you! Find out what it takes to be a personal trainer at Muscles Unlimited.

Personal Trainers Program

  • Muscles Unlimited Team
    • Learn more about the Muscles Unlimited Team and how we can help you to get to the next level of your personal training business. We have all the tools you need to help push you further.
  • Your New Home
    • When you partner up with Muscles Unlimited, our gym is your gym. Our gym and all the equipment and benefits that come from owning your own gym become available to you as tools to help you progress your business.
  • Low Monthly Fees
    • The economy is tough. Making money is not easy. We understand how difficult it can be to hit new milestones in financial success. This is why we offer low monthly fees that are affordable and fair.
  • Your Clients Your Way
    • We don’t schedule your clients for you. We don’t dictate your schedule. You train when you want to train. We don’t manage your clients, you do.
  • Be Your Own Boss
    • Be your own boss and set your own schedule. You decide who you train and when you train them. These are your clients managed your way. We are always available for support and knowledge sharing.
Mark Pacheco

Mark Pacheco

Owner – Strength & Health Gym

Author – ‘The negative feedback training system’

Education – Doctor of Chiropractic

Lifetime bodybuilding enthusiast