The Negative Feedback Training System

The new system is a compilation of traditional theories and techniques with contemporary insight. The crux of the new system is its unique implementation of negative only resistance training. The fusion of negative only with conventional training creates an effective formula that synergically produces rapid results. Developed by Mark Pacheco, long time bodybuilder and chiropractor; the new system is the culmination of many years of study, insight, experience and practical application.

  • The ultimate system revealed at last! A system of training that explores the dynamics of how and why the body responds to exercise. It provides the knowledge for understanding how to get in tune with your body as you discover exactly what it requires in order to optimally facilitate progress.
  • Experience immediate and visible muscle growth; as a result of each training session, as you navigate the body under your complete control towards reaching its ultimate genetic physical potential.
  • An effective method of training that takes the body to a new threshold of intensity and muscle fiber stimulation; and does so with precision accuracy.
  • From the beginning to end of each session, you will experience and adventure that takes you on an incredible journey of cell splitting, blood pumping, and muscle annihilating ecstasy!

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