Sporteaze Muscle Wear

Sporteaze Muscle Wear,  “wear ever” fitness fashions.

We specialize in uniquely fun and motivational custom apparel designed specifically for men & women who train for a superior physique.

The fact is- you are built better than 99% of the people on the planet! So why not show it off? You have worked hard to achieve a great build and should be proud to display it.

Sporteaze Muscle Wear is for those who want to set themselves apart from the crowd. Our form fitting clothing styles not only compliment your physique; but will also make a statement. As former Mr. Universe Boyer Coe once said, “bodybuilding is the only sport you can wear”.

We will be constantly adding smart new styles, and creating original artwork designed by a diversified pool of our own professional artists. In this way we will keep our line unique and exciting!

All items can be customized to include any logo or aphorism. You can mix or match however you want them to appear on any garment tailored to YOUR own specifications. This makes the finished product even more personalized!

It is my hope that you achieve all of your personal fitness and body image goals, and that our products make your journey a little more fun along the way! May all of God’s blessings come your way, and your dreams come true.

Dr Mark P. / Founder