Results: 2014 ‘NGA Natural ‘Mr. / Ms. Western America’

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The following are the results from the:

1st annual 2014′ NGA ‘Mr / Ms Western America’
bodybuilding, physique, figure and bikini championships
Promoted by Strength & Health Gym / Mark Pacheco

The categories numbered below will correspond with the photos from left to right…

1) Women’s open bodybuilding and women’s masters bodybuilding (45-54):
1 st place / Jody Childs

2) Teen Men’s BB and Open men’s BB:
1st place / Tyler Yasuda (Pro card)

3) Women’s figure novice:
1st place / Monique Ricket (With guest poser, Musclemania pro Markus Reinhardt)

4) Men’s Novice bodybuilding:
1st place / Mark Durando
2nd place / Eddie Reyes

5) Men’s physique:
1st place / James Dilling
2nd place / Gustavo Ramirez
3rd / Omar Moreno

6) Bikini open:
1st place / Erica Silva
2nd place / Lae Phongsavath
3rd place / Monique Ricket
4th place / Fatima Machado

7) Women’s bikini winner:
Erica Silva

8) Open men’s bodybuilding:
1st place / Tyler Yasuda
2nd place / Adam Merrill
3rd place / Mark Durando
4th place / Eddie Reyes
5th place / Omar Moreno