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Welcome, and thank you for visiting MUSCLESUNLIMITED – The Ultimate Portal for Natural Muscle Sports.

We maintain the opinion that the mainstream acceptance and avocation of health and fitness in general, would not enjoy the popularity it does today without having first been preceded by the bodybuilding movement; in its purist sense. Bodybuilding is a catch-all phrase that encompasses all aspects of resistance training, therefore anyone who does some form of it; is a bodybuilder of sorts.

We embrace the premise that in the realm that also includes all forms of power & weight lifting, body sculpting, and all other strength based disciplines in general; bodybuilding is the core and essence from which they are defined. All other fitness related activities (figure, physique, and fitness) are auxiliary “spokes” disseminating from the wheel as they radiate from its core. This doctrine is the benchmark of our philosophy.

In bodybuilding as in life; there is a light and dark side to everything. Money and sex are good examples. The un-bridled desire for either one of them can manifest into all forms of perversion and corruption. Conversely however, both can be used for a greater good. Money provides the necessities to maintain daily living, education, and philanthropy, while sex is an important component of maintaining a healthy relationship.

I liken the natural movement to the side of bodybuilding that leans toward the light. Its advocates practice the sport from a stand point of healthy living in contrast to our counterparts; some of whom would stop at nothing to improve their physiques. While we do not condemn the practice of using enhancements, we simply opt for a different alternative.

The intent of this platform is to promote and expand the sport of natural bodybuilding. Our mission is to help it be recognized for what it originally started out to be; an activity practiced for the purpose not only improving the physique, but also for obtaining and maintaining good health. When practiced as such, I am convinced that bodybuilding has a strong spiritual component attached to it which exemplifies the essence of mind, body and soul. In a word; Natural bodybuilding is God approved!

Our goal is to grow this site into a fun and exciting forum for those interested in the fitness and natural bodybuilding. This project is a work in progress, and as time goes by we will be taking different directions, exploring new options, and adding a variety of features. In the spirit of bodybuilding; I want to GROW this thing!! It will be fun to watch it take on a life of its own.

Meanwhile, always be the best YOU can be, and keep doing the right thing for the right reasons! God bless.


Dr. Mark P. / Founder